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Plastic Part Retreading Agent(100ML)

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🌞 Sunscreen for Your Car 🌞

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As your vehicle sits in the sun for a long time, it should not come as a surprise. Restore your plastic and trim your glory with the Plastic Part Retreading Agent !

It is specially designed to make faded plastic look like new and prevent surface aging with minimal effort needed. This solution will not leave unsightly marks on your vehicle after application.


  • ULTIMATE PLASTIC & TRIM SOLUTION:  Effectively remove stains from the surface of plastic parts
  • STREAK-FREE FORMULA:  Unlike other trim products
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION:  Prevent plastics from oxidizing and fading under sun exposure
  • ECONOMICAL:  Repaired, Refurbished or Replaced

  • Made from eco-friendly materials, using an oil-free formula, harmless and odor-free
  • Easily wipe away contaminants without harming leather plastic items
  • Just wipe it with a sponge on the desired area until you reach the desired result


  • Capacity: 100ML
  • Feature: Eco-friendly 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Plastic Part Retreading Agent

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